How to Stay Safe on the Internet, Part 1

At this point, remarking that people now are more concerned about online privacy than ever before is not a novel observation. What’s fascinating, though, is that interest in personal digital security has remained high since the issue exploded about seven years ago. In other words, instead of experiencing a short-lived spike, digital privacy awareness has been sustained.

This is especially encouraging to me, since I gained my background in technology precisely out of the desire to secure my own digital autonomy.

I know as well as anyone that it’s not always clear where to turn to improve one’s digital security. Getting a handle on the subject can seem like trying to jump onto a moving train. To extend the metaphor, this article may give you a running start.

My hope is that a guide from the perspective of someone who not long ago probably knew less than you do now, you will develop enough of a foundation to journey forth on your own.

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