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Top ten most popular FAQs

What is Connak Foundation ICT Training

Our ICT training is a yearly program in which we train youths in an intensive Computer training which entails Web Development and Hardware Engineering.

What is the training duration?

The training runs for nine (9) months.

What is the training like?

First three (3) months to learn Computer Appreciation, the remaining six (6) months to learn either Web Development or Hardware Engineering.

What happens after the training ?

After the completion our the nine (9) months training, the foundation gives the graduands start up kits to excel in thier various fields.

How can i enroll?

You will definately be aware when our admission portal is opened.

Who and who is eligible to apply?

The criteria to enroll: Age 18 – 34years old and must be willing to learn.

What does this training cost?

100% Free. The training is a free program. You won’t pay a dime to enroll. So therefore, beware of scam.

What is i am not in Abia State?

No problem! We are currently building our e-learning platform where you can enroll for courses online and come down to Abia State for your final exam and graduation.

Will i be issued Certificate?

Upon completion of your program, you will be awarded with certificate of completion which is well recognized worldwide.

Is Connak Foundation Registered?

Yes. We are fully recognized by CAC and we are also in partnership with Google Cloud Advantage, Google Non-Profit & Google Developers.

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